Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Gloucester MC Hut , Deiniolen, N Wales26th– 29thMay 2017

The village of Deiniolen is close to Llanberis and Snowdon in the heart of the Welsh hills.

Eleven members attended the meet at this well appointed hut. We were joined by four members of the GMC.

On Saturday with a relatively good weather forecast, seven of the group set off to do a horse shoe route on the Carnedds including Carnedd Dafydd and Carnedd Llewwelyn, both hills over 1000m, starting and finishing in the outskirts of Bethesda.  Unfortunately, although the weather in the first hour was fine, in which we could see what would have been an excellent round of hills, the mist soon descended and as the visibility became a matter of a few metres, we had to resort to map, compass and GPS to complete the route.  

Partially through the route, the compass being used reversed its polarity, which according to Silva Compasses is due to having a GPS being kept switched on near to a compass – a point very much worth taking heed of.

Using another compass the route was completed but by this time the mist had increased to driving drizzle together with high winds. (45mph winds were recorded on Snowdon about the same time).

A somewhat damp group arrived back at the hut but all felt we had achieved a good day out despite the weather.

Saturday saw the four ladies in the party following a route through the very impressive Dinirorwic slate quarry to Llanberis.

On Sunday the mist did not abate till early afternoon so the ladies decided to visit Penryn Castle while the male contingent repeated the ladies route of Saturday.

Ian’s 65thbirthday was very well celebrated at Sunday’s evening meal by ourselves and the GMC members, and the evening was concluded by all taking part in a Welsh word quiz produced by Jan. 

We left Deiniolen on Monday morning in yet another heavy driving drizzle which did not abate until over the English border.

Regardless of the somewhat disappointing weather the group enjoyed their stay at Deiniolen and it was good to meet up with members of the GMC.

Thanks to Chris for organizing.