Sunday, 31 March 2019

Kyle Club Clear up Carrick Hills

Ayr’s Kyle Mountain Club completed a scheduled litter pick on the Carrick Hills. Rubbish was gathered on both sides of the road along a distance of about 1.5km (between the cattle grids either side of the view point). This included 24 bags of general rubbish, plus several other items too big to bag. Amongst the haul was an alloy wheel (with tyre), several other tyres, two car doors, electric scooter, pogo stick, garden strimmer, 6 Amazon Prime cool bags with cool packs!, a hand gun, syringes, a tow bar that took two people to lift, £10 and a 1p. 
A trailer load of dumped tree pruning were sawn up and removed. 
The event proved to be good morning's work to celebrate the Annual World Day for Physical Activity.
Many thanks to South Ayrshire Council for providing bags, picker grabs and collection of the load.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Agnes Spencer memorial hut, Patterdale, Lake District: 15th - 17th March

Ten members of the Kyle Mountain Club assembled at the Agnes Spencer memorial hut in Patterdale on the Friday evening . With a little coaxing the fire was soon roaring away making the building warm and cosy. It was soon time to walk down to the White Lion Inn where the cheerful staff provided a hearty meal and a selection of real ales.
The following morning the weather forecast was for a wet windy day so all thoughts of Helvelyn or High Street were abandoned. 


Having ascertained that the Ullswater Steamers were not running, one group set off to walk along the East side of the Lake. The initial path across the valley was flooded but a longer route using a road bridge was soon found. Having walked about half the length of the lake it was found that the Hotel, the only place for refreshments in the dry was closed. So most of the group turned round to set off back, but Bob determined to get a decent amount of walking done carried on until completely drenched. Mac, Jan, Moira and Jackie set off to do a circular walk in Glenridding. On the way back a cafe provided shelter and refreshments. Ian and Len set off to walk up Grisedale, Len turning back when his new hip told him that it had walked far enough, While Ian carried on towards Grisedale Tarn, but he too turned back when confronted with a raging torrent crossing the path.

Returning to the hut in the various groups, the wet clothing was distributed between the drying room and the living room fire. Aperitifs were shared round and then Jan produced an excellent chicken main course for all and Len shared round apple and rhubarb crumble that June had made.

After everyone had consumed two helpings of dessert there was little room left for cheese and port.
Mac then entertained the group with a game of working through the Alphabet thinking up entertaining words.

On Sunday morning we awoke to see the surrounding hills mantled in snow. As it was now snowing at a low level, after breakfast some of the party set off for Ayr. Jackie, Ian, Len and Bob decided that the Aira Force waterfalls should be spectacular with all the rainfall. We were not disappointed and they were well worth the walk up all the steps to view them.
Again despite the weather we all enjoyed a convivial week-end.
Len Foreman