Tuesday, 18 February 2020

 Inverardran Cottage, Crianlarich - 14th / 15th February

Nine people attended the meeting in the Ochils’ Mountaineering Club Cottage, Crianlarich.


On Friday evening we enjoyed a meal in the Ben More Hotel next door where we were well looked after.


On the Saturday rain and strong winds prevented high level walks. A plan was hatched to walk the old railway track from Lochearnhead to Killin using two cars one left in Killin. Upon reaching the car park in Killin the plan was changed to ascend the path at the Birks of Aberfeldy.

Following a coffee in the Aberfeldy Mill the walk started up past the boards and statues celebrating the poem written by Robert Burns. The Burn was in full spate making a spectacular and noisy walk from the centre of town to the top of the upper falls, ice in places making things treacherous underfoot.

When attempting the return journey in the car we were informed that the road to Kenmore was flooded requiring a detour through the exiting village of Dull.

7 people completed the Birks walk while two others made their way to Tyndrum.

In the evening the group shared a meal of aperitifs with nibbles, Pates with oatcakes, beef stroganoff with rice, Dunfillan Pudding with custard, followed by cheese port and chocolates by the fire in the sitting room.

In the morning Jan treated the group to a breakfast of rolls filled with square sausage.

Although the weekend was not good for walking a convivial time was had by all.

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